Dave Grohl Alleged A-List Actress 90’s Girlfriend Revealed


Jesse Knight recently made a tweet claiming that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl dated actress Winona Ryder in the 90’s. Rush recently reacted to rumors that Grohl is set to join the band as their new drummer.

Knight tweeted, “Five years ago today I met Louise Post from Veruca Salt after a hometown show in Chicago and told her Eight Arms To Hold You is the most important album of my life while wearing this shirt not knowing that Dave Grohl left her for Winona Ryder in the ‘90s. I am a f**king asshole.”

Grohl was asked about the dating rumors in a 2003 Blender magazine interview. Foo Fighters also recently posted a grey haired Grohl video in reaction to a viral trend.

A fan asked in the Q&A, “When you were dating Winona Ryder, did anything go missing from your apartment?”

Grohl evasively responded, “Wait a second. [Adopts a mock corporate executive voice] I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t date her. I’m a musician.”

Grohl also said during the Q&A about how he became such a ladies man, “I’m kinda like Ducky from the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink. I’m that loyal, quirky, funny, eccentric but weird-looking guy. With no sense of fashion.

Of all the John Hughes films, though, Sixteen Candles is the crux of my being. The essence of my core. That’s my life story. But rather than being Ducky, I’d be Farmer Ted, the geek played by Anthony Michael Hall. I really looked up to Anthony Michael Hall until he got his braces off and started bulking up.”