Dave Grohl Daughter ‘Dislikes’ Foo Fighters


Dave Grohl’s daughter isn’t a big fan of Foo Fighters, according to Grohl in a new NPR interview. Grohl has three daughters, with the oldest, Violet, performing with Foo Fighters live and appearing on their new album Medicine at Midnight.

So, thinking about that, that time when you were growing up in the mid-to-late 1980s, what that looked like politically in America. It was the Cold War, right? … And that leads me to this song on your album, “Waiting on a War.” Can you tell me about it?

“When I was young, I had this fear of war that might have had something to do with living so close to Washington, D.C. I always imagined that if there was going to be a war, that we would be the first people to get hit by the missiles.

And then one day, I was taking my daughter to school and she turned to me and she said, “Dad, is there going to be a war?” And I was shocked. At the time, I think there was maybe something going on with North Korea. And I immediately realized that she was living under that same, sort of, hopeless cloud that I lived under when I was her age. But this is 40 years later. And it kind of broke my heart. You know, kids are supposed to have these imaginative, impressionable, beautiful, formative experiences at this age — not fear of war. And I wrote that song, “Waiting on a War,” that day.”

What did she make of the song?

“I don’t think she likes the Foo Fighters, honestly.”

Well, that’s a whole other conversation.

“They look at me like I might as well be an electrician, or work at a coffee shop.”