Keith Richards Spotted With Hot Older Women At Restaurant


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was spotted with two beautiful older women taking a photo outside a restaurant near the Marlton Hotel in New York recently. Mick Jagger was spotted with a much younger famous girlfriend at a bar on the same day.

A fan named Cuban Stones made an emotional post on the The Rolling Stones forum with a special request for the band at an upcoming show:

“Dear Keith, Ron, Mick, Charlie, Chuck, Daryl, Karl, Tim – Special request for Denver!! For terminally ill fanatic,

As the unquestioned greatest band ever, I want to thank you. I know of no other band who listens to their fans more. I have seen you all over the world, over 100 times. And what I appreciate most as I look back is how each tour you always play a song that have never been performed. I have been enough to see these ‘breakouts’, and the electricity and excitement for you die hard fans is unreal. If you only knew what it means to us. Whether its Sister Morphine, Sway, Emotional Rescue, Silver Train, or Dancing with Mr. D these events really are such special memories. Thank you.

I have a very special request. I have very close friends at Slotix, and they gave me access to 57 pit tickets, That has to be some kind of record”. I love the it setup as its the first time I have ever attended a show, left 5he front row to get a beer, and waled right back to the front row. There is no better concert experience in the world. I never make requests. This is important.

The Denver show began as a celebration of my 50th birthday. But it has morphed into a celebration of life for my good friend Lonnie, He is sick and let’s just say this is undoubtedly his last Stones show and probably his last concert ever. When I learned of the situation, I gave him a ticket and asked what I could do. He said his dream was to hear the Stones perform Slave in Denver. WOW!

Now look, given the songs you have performed, it seems likely that Slave just kinda slipped through the cracks. Its a very unique song unlike any you have written. It has a special grooves. I don’t think it’s a difficult song. I just think its been lost and somewhat forgotten. So look….I want it to in the songs vote. And I want it to win.

If you look at Tell me, I posted a question about whether it had ever been performed live. Just have a look and you can what passionate emotion and response this song generates. I am so surprised. The only other song I really want to hear is Let it Loose. I have been yelling that at Mick for over 30 years. He knows me because I am always close and always present. But to be honest Slave is my number one hope. And interestingly, others share this hope.

In 1988, the Grateful Dead performed Ripple for the first time since 1981. Nobody knew why until later. It was a request from someone dying. It was sensational and they never did it again. I think it would be amazing for you to do Slave…..for your fans and for Lonnie. What better way to ask? I know Mercy Mercy is this tours.

Karl, you are one badass player. Theres only 1 Bobby Keys….but if anyone can do this right, its you. I know you will have to rehearse it. So please do it….in Denver. I really want to see it on the song vote. it will mean the world to me and Lonnie and many many others. If you prefer for it to be a surprise so be it. It’s time for Slave.

DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! With tremendous appreciation, Alex (the Cuban).”

Hopefully the Stones will grant this request! Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is a big name Stones fan, and he recently made an embarrassing Keith Richards revelation.