Dave Grohl Emotionally Kneels In Front Of Chris Cornell Memorial


Foo Fighters have shared a beautiful new photo of Dave Grohl kneeling in front of a photo of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell on Taylor Hawkins’ drumset.

Grohl is now a rock and roll survivor of the Grunge era with the losses of icons like Cornell, but he told Rolling Stone recently that he didn’t think he’d even be playing music at 33.

“I remember being 26 and saying I’m not gonna do this past 33,” he says. “Now I’ll be 50 in a year and a half.” The baby from the Nevermind cover is now four years older than Grohl was when Nevermind came out. “I never thought I’d end up at a rock festival with fuckin’ gray hair in my beard, but it happened,” he says. “And I’m cool with it.”

Dave Grohl revealed what Foo Fighters had planned to do with Soundgarden in 2017, and why he ‘loved’ Chris Cornell in a new Rolling Stone interview.

I ask if there was anyone they tried to book [for the Cal Jam festival in October] and couldn’t. Grohl falls uncommonly silent. “You know,” he says after several seconds. “We wanted to have Soundgarden. They had agreed to do it. And, um  …” His voice catches. “It didn’t happen.”

Chris Cornell had been a friend of Grohl’s since their Seattle grunge days. “I loved him,” Grohl says, voice breaking. “He was a really sweet guy. Full of life. And he had so much to offer. That one hurt,” he says through tears. “Over the years you sort of count your blessings that you survived, and when you see another one go down …”

The nature of Cornell’s death dredged up particularly painful memories for Grohl, who knows what it means to lose a bandmate to suicide. “I felt for his family,” he says. “And I felt for his …” He chokes up again. “And I felt for his band, you know? Because that’s a long road, man.”

Grohl is quiet a long time. “Every time it happens, the same feeling comes up,” he says. “It’s shocking and confusing and I just don’t get it. You get into this with a love of music, and sharing it with people, and you hope everybody feels the same way. I know it’s more complicated than that … but, fuck. It just sucks.”

Just then, a car pulls up in the driveway below us. It’s Grohl’s wife, Jordyn, and Harper, home from camp. He stands up, sniffling. “But, yeah,” he says. “I’ve always felt like the most important thing is just to get home safe. You just gotta keep on keeping on.” He starts down the stairs, wiping away tears as he goes.

Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky reacted to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ tribute to her late husband in a recent tweet.

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  • Stacie Sandall

    Two words

  • Kay B

    I’m sure this one hurt more than Cobain.

    • makingconnections

      Chris Cornell became cherished by his fans and friends through the years.

      • Kay B

        I think Dave might have gotten sick of Kurt whining about how he hated attention and corporate America. But still loved to be on Rolling Stone and use his money for drugs. I don’t know maybe I’m way off. I think Chris’ death is way more sad.

        • makingconnections

          I think you could be right…some of the footage of Kurt Cobain shows a broken soul….he couldn’t have gone on like that without a huge intervention of some sort.

          Chris’s death is totally heartbreaking in my opinion. It seemed like he tried so hard to be the best person he could be. I feel very sad that he died estranged from his family of origin. I have a son and if I lost him to a seemingly controlling family I don’t know how I’d manage. He was so gifted and ready to encourage other artists and perform those long concerts. What an amazing artist…it’s a huge loss for us.

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    The new article on MIL threatening “lies liars!”. I think she’s gonna get me and my little dog, too. She’s after y’all, as well.

    • makingconnections

      ….talk about creating bad energy everywhere she goes!!!

      I’d love to have a chat with her actually.

    • makingconnections

      I know first hand what it’s like to have such a person in your immediate family. It’s no fun–you never know if it’s valid or not, especially at a young age….it’s properly called crazy-making behaviour.

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        Yikes! I like the term, though… “carzy-making behaviour.”

        • makingconnections

          It’s amazing what becomes normal in a household and I certainly hope certain young ones aren’t having to listen to this ranting (and it’s usually said in a very loud voice!)….so much to shake off when you become an adult; however, it can be done!