New Slipknot Member Lie Called Out By Girlfriend


Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson’s wife Stacy has weighed in on the new Slipknot member ‘Tortilla Man’ mystery, shooting down several rumors. Corey Taylor revealed the bold truth about Mick Jagger yesterday.

She wrote on social media, “It’s not anyone famous or anyone any of you have been guessing it was on the internet since he joined. You are all incorrect. One day it will be revealed. He’s just a good guy with a lot of talent and a genuinely great attitude.”

One fan asked, “Mick Thomson brother?” Stacy responded, “Absolutely not.”

Another fan asked, “Is it someone who is family of one of the members?” She responded, “No.”

A fan said, “First or last name starts with a D I know that much and that’s good enough for me🤘” Stacy responded, “That’s incorrect.”

A Slipknot member announced a tragic loss earlier this week, and revealed who died in his arms. Corey Taylor told Australia’s The Music that the new member mystery wasn’t intentional but is “kind of a cool byproduct” of the situation. “We didn’t want the emphasis to be on the new guy, we wanted the emphasis to be on the music.”

“That was what it was always about for us. We didn’t want the drama, we didn’t want the bullshit, we wanted the attention to be on the fact that we had new music coming out. And as we pushed it even further, it’s driven people so fucking crazy… Now, we’re, like, ‘We’re never gonna tell now.’ It’s really fun.”

Corey Taylor also told Beats 1 on Apple Music that Tortilla Man is winning over his new bandmates and fans. “He’s doing great and is a great dude,” he said. “He’s killing it, man.”