Dave Grohl Finally Reveals If Rock Is Really Dead


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed is rock is really dead in a new Daily Star interview.

“I don’t believe in the school of thought that says rock ‘n’ roll is an extinct genre – I’ve been answering that question for 25 fucking years now.

“Every time I release a record, they ask how it feels to be ‘one of the last.’ But I look around and I see a hell of a lot of rock bands.

“I remember giving an interview in London two years ago and the journalist asked, ‘Don’t you feel obsolete? Most of today’s groups don’t have guitars or drums.’ And then we sold out two nights at Wembley Stadium.

“So no, I think we’re OK and we’re going to be just fine.

“If you think about it too much it can change your ego and transform you into a ‘fucking rock star.’ I continue to think of life in a simpler way – we make albums, play concerts -but at the end of the day we’re just a group.”

KISS’ Gene Simmons said in a 2014 interview that rock was dead, and at least commercially, he has largely been correct since then, with the genre failing to create a new arena level act since then, unless you consider pop like Imagine Dragons ‘alternative rock.’