How Courtney Love Showed Up At Pearl Jam & Nirvana Show Will Blow You Away


Kurt Cobain’s friend John Purkey discussed going backstage at a 1991 Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Red Hot Chili Peppers show, and seeing Courtney Love backstage in a new video on his Observer YouTube channel.

“It was the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana at the Coliseum in Phoenix, or Mesa, but it was basically Phoenix. Krist put me and three friends on the list, and that was amazing because I had seen them at the Paramount.

You guys have probably seen the Sold Out Nirvana video, that was the Paramount show, but seeing them in a coliseum was really bizarre, and I didn’t really like it that much. Actually, it seemed really weird, because when everything is mic’d and it’s going through a PA, the whole energy is different. But anyway, I got backstage passes and actually hung out with those guys until they walked out onstage. They walked onstage, and I walked out into the audience. So that was kind of crazy, hearing the crowd all go crazy.

I remember Courtney was backstage with Kurt, and Kurt introduced me. I met Courtney twice, he introduced me to Courtney two different times. So there was that time, and then there was the show in Salem, Oregon. So yeah, moving to Albequerque, I lost contact with those guys a little bit, but I did keep in contact with Krist. Probably called him enough to annoy him, because seeing those guys on magazines, there was so much hype.”

transcribe 2:45-4:30

  • Xerocky

    I’m not sure that this video is even about Courtney Love.

    • makingconnections

      I suspect Brett B is spacing out a bit lately. He needs one of the firm talks I give my kids about focusing on their homework….how can you grow up to do anything you dream about if you don’t give this your best effort? C’mon, focus!!! ..and remember you have to have a Title that connects and a beginning sentence that engages and a good closing to make an essay…c’mon focus!!

    • FM KC

      At the end Brett wrote “transcribe 2:45-4:30” meaning where that part is on the video.

      • Ryan

        That’s brilliant! Well done Brett. You’re a true hero

  • Lorenzo Takeout

    The headlines & following content never have anything to say and never made sense in conjunction with the article headline.
    I think this “alternative nation” site must exist only for clicks because they surely do not give a flying fuck about an audience.

  • Anthony Macchiarella

    Your articles used to contain interesting information and stories. Now they just contain bombastic headlines that don’t hold up trough the story. Tell me Mr alternative nation, what was so mind blowing about this? This was worse then Eddie Vedder had a cold and missed a show in 1991… BTW the source for this article posts youtube videos of cassette recordings of bleach straight from the album saying it’s a “demo” from Kurt. He is also selling a hand written scrap with a phone number he says he received from Kurt for over 10,000 dollars on eBay. Way to become just like the rest of the shameless mainstream, and not so mainstream media…

  • Ryan

    If Love had turned up being dragged in by a Labrador with eagles on its back then that would have blown me away. Turns out Brett doesn’t actually address the headline, which has not surprised me.

  • makingconnections

    A few weeks ago Kay B suggested that Brett was playing with us. She’s absolutely correct. He’s not a stupid person…he’s just making this site wacky deliberately.

    As far as the complaints about the way his articles are put together, I somehow imagine him thinking: “Hell no, I’m not doing your bidding yahoos!” I could be wrong on what he thinks of course, but I have quite a number of stubborn men in my life and and when they dig their heels in, well, just forget it.

    • Trovoid

      I think you’re exactly right. He is probably laughing and having fun with being so hated lately. I remember recently he posted a picture where his face was replaced with a butt and he said some humorous things about all that was going on. He is completely self-aware about it and I’m not judging the guy. To be able to do this for a living with limited staff makes me respect him. I’m waiting for people to reply to me and call me an idiot or accuse me of working for Brett. The thing is I’ve been going here since it was GrungeReport in 2011 or 2012. I didn’t post then but I can say that the site hasn’t changed much besides the titles. They’ve always posted short articles with the occasional full length interview/story. There’s even more articles now. Yeah you’ve got to dig through some pointless information but there’s more updates than ever now. I tend to read more about something I learn on here and for that it’s useful.

      • makingconnections

        You’re an old hand at this! I never read a music site at all until Chris Cornell died and I was searching for answers; it was so bewildering.
        I’ve learned so much about the music I love and I like the comments. There’s lots to be learned there as well.
        Not that I haven’t been on forums giving my opinion, but always politics and social justice. Oh have I had some insults discussing politics but it’s been so good to learn to not care. A guy once said he’d be happy when I was forced to wear a burka. That frightened my husband and I think he’s still waiting for one of the men I’ve outraged coming to the door to slay me….and hence the privacy obsession!

        • Trovoid

          I agree, the discussions are another major reason for me coming here!

          I can’t believe a man would say that to you! This was online right?

          • makingconnections

            Yes, Canadian newspaper’s Politics Forums. Oh, I’ve learned so much about how precious our democracies are, how important it is to fight against ignorance and to become less concerned with insults. The other posters just do that when they are so frustrated with you that they’re spitting mad! A guy once said: “I’ll bet you’re a fat chick.” I’m not, but so what if I was…”I feel sorry for your husband.” Haha…I don’t respond to rude commenters unless I’m tired and careless but usually delete them. I feel ashamed for getting into it with nutbars!! Besides, usually someone rushes to my defense and get the comment shut down. We Canadians are good at standing by each other most of the time! Actually, I haven’t been so engaged since fighting so hard to get Justin Trudeau elected. I should get back to it. Being PM he’s probably being constantly criticized – I’m out of touch really.

          • Trovoid

            Those are the same kind of guys that call all guys “cucks.” I always imagine very angry younger dudes that were raised by traditional parents, especially a hard-ass dad. They think the internet is a free place to vent their dissatisfaction with life. I don’t know how it makes them feel better.. I’ve heard a few people criticize your PM but you gotta keep in mind that these are usually people who respect Donald Trump.. The ones that throw around “libtard” or “snowflake” constantly.

            Btw don’t worry, I’ve gotten into it with ‘nutbars’ at times. It happens to the best of us!

          • makingconnections

            Oh yes…”libtard” for certain! I knew Trudeau would be criticized and I knew he’d make mistakes. I still feel we’re lucky that he’s willing to lead…it can’t be easy for him, having young children and being quite sensitive I would say; however, every now and then he connects with his real self and speaks in such an inspired way….it’s quite something. Goodnight friend.

      • Corndog

        I’ve been here since the GR days too. Not too many folks from those days left anymore:)

        • Trovoid

          I kinda miss the days of Boom, Felonius Punk and Pink Taco (although I think it was already Alternative Nation at that point). I haven’t seen Katie for a while either. That was quite the shit storm when FP and PT abused their mod privileges and exposed all that personal information about each other!

          • Corndog

            Team Boom:) Yeah I miss all those guys too. It was a real shit storm indeed, a lot of which was never discussed openly on the site. FP and PT were never actually mods. I was the only one at that stage. It was actually another user that abused their privileges (that they were given because they were helping Brett out with some writing) but in doing so ‘exposed’ a bunch of other stuff. I miss that guy too. It nearly shut the comments section down completely. Brett removed disqus altogether and was talking about replacing it with facebook. That would have been the end for me as I refuse to use social media like FB. Instead, he changed it so that I had to manually approve all posts before they would appear on the site, although he eventually set them back to auto approve and appointed a bunch of new mods. Far as I could tell I was the only one that did any actual moderation though. Not mentioning any names, but Brett told me via email that some folks had been bad mouthing him all over the net and he absolutely did not want them posting here. That was a real shame, because before that they contributed a lot to the comments section. This was all nearly a year and a half ago now.

            I haven’t seen Katie in ages now either. Must be at least 6 months, probably more. The last time we spoke she’d been having some health issues so I really hope she’s OK. If you’re reading this Katie, we miss you and hope you’re doing alright!

          • Trovoid

            Yeah it bothered me that it was never really discussed. They were very opinionated but the conversations were very entertaining. Oh yeah, I remember now. They weren’t actually mods. I would’ve been screwed as well, there’s no way I would’ve made a Facebook to comment on here (especially without the anonymity). I do remember you being the only mod. I can’t believe all of that was a year and a half ago.. Fuck. It’s a shame that they’re all gone but I don’t blame Brett.

            I found an old thread about that crazy woman Xana. It appears that Katie posted there 7 months ago and was arguing with Xana and some of her friends. I remember Katie saying that she was having health issues. In this thread she said that Cornell’s death troubled her deeply and she hasn’t been on the site much since May. I wonder how Boom and the other guys handled his death. Boom was very upset and started frequenting less after Scott Weiland died. He seemed to be growing more and more cynical towards the end of his regime. I can’t blame him as I’m feeling sort of nihilistic myself these days!

          • Corndog

            They were indeed very entertaining! FP could come across as somewhat abrasive but he was actually a really nice fella when you got to know him a little. Our first conversation was an argument actually. He’d mixed me up with someone else as I recall.

            I don’t blame Brett either. It was all getting out of hand, and if someone was bad mouthing me I wouldn’t want them on my site either.

            Yes now that you mention it I think I recall that thread with Katie and that crazy chick. That’s the last sort of time that I can remember speaking with her.

            Let’s raise a glass to Katie, Boom, Felonious Punk, Pink Taco, Jimmy Intense, Billy and all the other fallen soldiers. I hope you’re all feeling good and prospering, wherever you are. Cheers:)

          • Trovoid

            Cheers to all of them!