Dave Grohl Gets In Face Of Huge TV Star: ‘Tough Rock Star Guy!’


Workaholics star Adam Devine shared a hilarious photo with Dave Grohl backstage at Foo Fighters’ show in Madison Square Garden on Monday.

“Haha! This is the funniest photo I’ve ever taken. Dave looks like a bad ass tough guy rock star and I look like my crush finally decided to dance with me. Thank you @foofighters for always being so cool and for slaying Madison Square Garden! Thanks for capturing this candid moment @atibaphoto !!”

You can view the funny photo below.

Dave Grohl discussed Foo Fighters’ independence in a new Variety interview.

“Independence is very important, because you want to control your experience and that’s basically what we’ve done for the last 24 years. We’re on our own label and have our own studio and basically just tell everyone, “We’re making a record. Here are the songs, here’s who’s going to produce it, we’d like to tour here and there.” Independence has always been important to us, but a lot of it goes back even before Nirvana, when I was in punk rock bands in Washington, D.C.”