Dave Grohl Looks Sad At Home In New Photo


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was previously seen breaking down after the bandmate, Taylor Hawkins passed away. The band frontman was totally devastated after the passing away of the band’s drummer Hawkins aged 50. Dave and his bandmates made an emotional return to Los Angeles. The band was due to play on the same day of his death. They were scheduled to play at the Festival Estereo Picnic in Bogota, Colombia. This led to the band reportedly canceling the rest of their South American tour.

Dave Grohl was seen in Los Angeles

Dave Grohl was seen after he returned to Los Angeles following the tragic death of Taylor Hawkins in March.  The 53-year-old musician was visiting his mother in Sherman Oaks Tuesday when he was seen out and about in a casual outfit, looking exhausted.

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Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters returned to Los Angeles from Bogotá at the end of March after Hawkins’ sudden death.  The late drummer performed his final song, “Everlong,” at Lollapalooza Argentina March 20, just five days before his death, per Rolling Stone, citing fan footage.

The 19-song performance included Hawkins singing the lead on Queen’s classic “Somebody to Love” and a cover of Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing.” He wrapped up his performance with “Everlong.”

“I don’t say goodbye,” Dave Grohl told the crowd before starting the show. “I don’t like to say goodbye. I know that we’ll always come back. If you come back, we’ll come back. Will you come back? If you come back, we’ll come back, so then I won’t have to say goodbye.”

At the end of the show, Hawkins threw his drumsticks into the crowd, wrapped his arm around Grohl and bowed with the band.

The cause of death is still not officially confirmed, but there are reports. ‘According to those close to him, the death could be related to the consumption of drugs.’ The Daily Mail reported this alleged statement. He had a history of drug abuse.

White powder ‘similar to cocaine’,  and hallucinogens, were allegedly found in the five-star Casa Medina hotel room of Hawkins. Renowned Colombian journalist Luis Carlos Velez, the Bogota-based director of radio station FM recently claimed that a police officer who entered Hawkins’ room had told prosecutors he saw a ‘cocaine-like’ white powder.