Dave Grohl Talks Major Foo Fighters Announcement: ‘We Have A Whole Plan’



Earlier this morning the Foo Fighters surprised fans by dropping a new song titled “Run.” The band released a hilarious video directed by Dave Grohl himself where guys play elderly rockers who take over the old folks home.

Dave Grohl called in to The Kevin & Bean Show this morning to talk about the new Foos song, BottleRock Festival pulling the plug on them this past weekend, and upcoming plans for the band.

“It’s something that we came up with not too long ago, maybe 3 or 4 months ago,” says Grohl. “We’re about to go out and do a bunch of shows this summer so we kind of felt weird going out on tour without anything new to play, so we thought we’d offer this up before we go out.”

The band is scheduled to perform several European dates this summer. “We’re doing a bunch of festivals in Europe. We’re playing Iceland, Latvia, Scandinavia, then we’re doing the Glastonbury Festival in England, we’re going to Paris, doing some stuff in Spain, kind of bouncing around a little bit. It’s been a while. We haven’t been on the road in a couple of years and we miss it, so we’re going back out.”

“The last time we were on the road, I couldn’t even walk. I was in the throne. I was sitting down, screaming, and drinking Jaegermeister from my cupholder for months,” continues Grohl. “When we were done with that tour, everybody needed to take a break. We’d been out for over a year and I had to start being able to walk around and run around again. We’re restless the way we work. We’re actually friends too, so we keep in touch when we’re not on tour. We just like to play, so we’ll get together and jam and write. We have our own studio so we’ll record stuff every now and then, but we do miss playing. We played the other day at BottleRock Festival – that was the first time we’d been on a big stage in front of a bunch of people in almost 2 years, it was amazing.”

One of the standout moments from their BottleRock set was when organizers pulled the plug on the band, forcing them to finish their set without the PA (and a little help from the crowd). “You know, here’s the thing. If you’re gonna pull the plug, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re gonna stop. We were close. They could have given us that one extra minute,” laughs Grohl.

Kevin recalled a time when he saw the band at Lollapalooza when they played through a storm. “We play pizza parlors, through hurricanes, we kind of just like to play, so whenever something like that happens – it usually creates a moment too. When something’s keeping you from playing and you keep playing… like if you break your leg, you keep playing. It was another one of those things.”

Before their BottleRock appearance, the band has been relatively quiet over the past 2 years. Their last release was 2015’s Saint Cecilia EP and, the group’s last album Sonic Highways dropped back in 2014. “We’ve always been good at knowing when we should take a break or we should go out and start doing stuff. We’ve been a band for almost 22 years now, so at this point we just kind of know. After you’re on the road for a year and a half or two years, at the end of every touring cycle I say ‘Eff this. I am never doing this again. I can’t stand it.’ And then I come home for about 3.5 or 4 months and I’m like ‘Come and get me back out on the road.’ Every single time.”

So when can fans expect a Southern California date from the Foos? “Not too far off I don’t think. We’re going to be doing lots of fun things in the near future,” says Grohl. “We have a whole plan right now. We’re probably going to play a cool show soonish. Pretty soon we’re going to make an announcement about all the fun things we’re going to do this year.”

The last thing Grohl discussed was whether or not there will be a Foos album in the near future. “We’ll see. I don’t know. You’ll just have to read our little Twitter feed,” he said cryptically.