Dave Grohl Makes Bizarre Food Demand At Concert


Foo Fighters recently played in New Orleans, and Dave Grohl made an admission during the show: he was hungry! Grohl said he had wanted a pizza ’45 minutes ago.’ The Advocate wrote in a review:

Two hours into the show, they romped through “Dirty Water,” a lesser entry in the Foo Fighters catalog; it was perhaps too late in the night for anything less than a smash. Ditto for “Stacked Actors,” a song they hadn’t performed live in six years.

At that point, even some of the hardiest souls started feeling fatigued; Saints hero and hardcore music fan Steve Gleason headed to the exit in his motorized wheelchair.

Eventually Grohl, too, wore down. He joked about the need for insoles in his shoes and scoffed at demands for 10 more songs. “It’s not so much that I’m tired,” he said. “I’m hungry. I wanted a pizza 45 minutes ago.”

For much of the show, a guy down front held up a personalized Hawaiian license plate that referenced “Everlong.” Grohl, tongue in cheek, addressed the guy’s obvious request: “Maybe we’ll play it. Let me think about. Should we play the biggest song we’ve ever written in our lives?”

Foo Fighters also paid tribute to comedian Pauly Shore’s father at a recent show.

“Thank you Dave & @foofighters for this tribute to Sammy!

The @footfighters pay tribute to Sammy Shore at The Sonic Temple Festival. @paulyshore #thecomedystore #sammyshore #myhero.”