Foo Fighters Reveal Why Pearl Jam ‘Saved Rock’


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins credits Pearl Jam, Green Day, and other bands as still being relevant enough to headline festivals, and for saving rock in the 90’s.

He said in an EW interview, “But as far as carrying the torch for rock music, I don’t think we ever set out to do that. There was a time in the ’90s when people said rock was ‘dead’ and we were like, ‘Not where we live. Not in our continent, it’s not.’ Because you could say the same thing for Queens of the Stone Age, you could say the same thing about Green Day or Pearl Jam, the Chili Peppers — there’s a handful of us that are able to headline festivals and stuff. But you’re right, it’s a small group.”

Chris Shiflett proclaimed, “There’s never been a moment where we had one of those hits that’s at the level that just permeates culture and takes over the world. It’s been a slow burn the whole time.”

Dave Grohl added, “As the years went on, I would see the audiences become more and more diverse, so that now you have dudes with mustaches. Now you have dudes with mustaches with their kids who have mustaches.

It’s not just the Amoeba Records crowd anymore, it’s become something a bit broader or more general. I think over time as rock bands started fading in the grand scheme of popular music, we were just always there. We were always on the f—ing road.”