Dave Grohl Makes Blind Fan’s Dream Come True


Alternative Nation reported a couple of days ago, “Dave Grohl had another ‘Good Guy Dave’ moment onstage at Foo Fighters’ show on Thursday night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Grohl noticed a young child looked tired in the crowd near the pit, and he invited the kid and his father onstage and that he would ‘sing a song’ for him.

“Bring him up on the side, bring him up on the side.”

The scene was filmed by Matthew Vinge and uploaded on Twitter.”

Christy Tornado Taylor tweeted Alternative Nation about the story, “I’m pretty sure everyone reporting this story has got the story wrong. I was at the show in #stpaul and the kid appeared to be blind. That’s why they had to carry him on stage and he had a red and white cane. Dave also let the kid play his guitar for a minute or so. #FooFighters.”