Dave Grohl Is Writing New Songs, But Are They For Foo Fighters?


Foo Fighters producer Butch Vig tweeted today that Dave Grohl will not be releasing a solo album, further confirming what many fans had already assumed following Foo Fighters’ hilarious ‘break up’ video released a few weeks ago.

“Just to clarify Daily Beast interview: There WILL be another Foo Fighters album at some point. There is NOT a Dave Grohl solo album coming.”

Vig told The Daily Beast earlier this week, “I just met with Dave and he’s been writing some songs, but there are no plans for more Foos. I know he talked about another Sonic Highways, but nothing’s come to fruition yet. But did you see the clip online? You gotta go check it out. It’s Dave Grohl’s new solo record. He released a little video, and it’s… it’s funny. But hopefully I’ll be in the studio again in the fall. If I’m back in with the Foo Fighters again, that… I don’t really know.”

Vig’s clarification tweet seems to indicate that the songs could be for Foo Fighters’ next album.