Dave Grohl Pays Emotional Tribute To Dead Fan At Foo Fighters Show


Credit: Mirror

Dave Grohl dedicated a song to Laura Plane at Foo Fighters’ Glastonbury headlining set. Plane died last month aged 37 after an eight-year battle with cancer.

Laura, a teacher, became a hero after raising over tens of thousands of pounds for breast cancer awareness.

After she died her husband Jon tweeted the band asking if they would play Everlong in her memory – the song they had for their first dance at their wedding 10 years ago.

And the band fulfilled the wish on Saturday night in front of 75,000 people.

Before Everlong – their final song of the night – Grohl dedicated it to “Laura… who couldn’t be here tonight.”

After the performance the star revealed that he had read about Laura’s fight against cancer on social media.

He said: “A while back I read – it’s the power of social media – there was this woman who had breast cancer and she had been fighting it for a long time and became an activist raising awareness.

“Unfortunately she passed away not too long ago and her husband started this campaign to try to get us to dedicate Everlong to her at Glastonbury – I think it was the song at their wedding.

“So I had read about it and thought ‘wow when we get to Glastonbury I’m going to have to say something’.”

Laura – who received a Pride of Britain Award nomination – was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

It became secondary and incurable four years later and spread to her spine and bones.

Despite her illness she spent years tirelessly campaigning for the charity CoppaFeel – and raised over £70,000.

Grohl also met a friend of Laura’s on a plane and spoke to her about Laura and Jon’s request.

He gave the friend a note to pass to Jon which read: “Jon – Dave here. Heard about Laura. Sending you much love and hope and light. Will be thinking of yous at Glasto. Take care mate.”

The rock legend added: “The other day I was sitting on the plane and this flight attendant came up to me and she says ‘You’re never going to believe this but have you heard of this woman?’

“I said of course.

“She said ‘They are friends of mine. Is there any way that you could write a note?’

“So I did and I guess that made news too.”