Dave Grohl Photographed With Hot Fitness Teacher


Fitness instructor Erin Moore, who owns Starcycle, recently shared a photo of herself running into Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Grohl was wearing the same Joshua Tree short he wore when Foo Fighters performed in Japan. The logo somewhat resembles the Japanese flag.

The Atlantic recently wrote a piece about Dave Grohl’s 23-minute song and short film Play.

“Dave Grohl walks into the studio. Dave Grohl walks in behind him. Then another Dave Grohl, and another. Seven dudes of identical stringy hair and varying tees: This is the committee to evangelize rock and roll, or so goes one implication of Dave Grohl’s mildly baffling new project “Play.”

Snark will inevitably greet the black-and-white mini-documentary that shows the lead Foo Fighter playing all the instruments of a 23-minute composition. Some might wonder if the rock world doesn’t already conceive of itself as a room of cloned Grohls, or if it’s healthy to duplicate someone who’s already made a career of duplicating his icons. Some might ask if he’s experienced so much bandmate drama over the course of three decades that he’s sworn off collaboration entirely. Some—not me!—might make rude cracks about someone playing with himself, or about how Multiplicity flopped the first time.”