Dave Grohl Plays Nirvana Song For First Time In Years


Do you remember Nirvana. It’s a name Mr. Dave Grohl will probably never ever distance himself from. Not even in forty more years will the lead singer of the band Foo Fighters, ever get away from the stereotype of being known for drumming out the beats of Nirvana’s few hits. Today, Grohl is performing “Marigold” for the first time since 2010.

As per Ultimate Guitar, Dave Grohl recently took part in a virtual fundraiser called “Letters to Santa”. We all know there is no such thing as Santa Claus, but nonetheless. Foo Fighters frontman delivered a rarities-filled 5-song set.

One highlight of the performance was “Marigold”, which Grohl hadn’t played live since 2010 – a staggering thirteen years ago. The track was originally recorded in 1992, some thirty years ago, under the musician’s alias Late!, and was re-recorded and released the following year by Nirvana as a B-side to “Heart-Shaped Box”. There you have it. The Nirvana reference kicks in.

Other rarities from the set included renditions of Foo Fighters’ rare live cuts “New Way Home” and “Skin and Bones”. The charity event took on the form of a music marathon, which ran for 24 hours between December 19 and 20.

You can check out footage of the performance below.

It’s always a good day when someone does something for a good cause, and that’s exactly what Mr. Grohl’s doing for ya’ll this Christmas.