Gwen Stefani Drops No Doubt Reunion Bombshell


As if the song wasn’t played enough during the 1990’s some thirty years ago, the world wants to hear another version of No Doubt, no doubt, with much older people performing its songs. Recently, No Doubt’s front woman, Ms. Gwen Stefani teased the world via social media that there may be a No Doubt reunion in the pipeline.

As per Ultimate Guitar, Gwen Stefani recently addressed the possibility of a No Doubt reunion, teasing fans that “everyone’s doing it”, referencing Blink-182’s classic line-up making a comeback earlier this year. It’s true. Everyone is and a major component to why is because studios don’t want to take chances on new talent. Plain and simple.

The legendary punk band broke up in 2004 almost 20 years ago for Stefani to pursue a successful solo career, reuniting in 2008 and releasing their most recent album, the divisive “Push and Shove”, in 2012.

Inactive since 2015, the group could benefit from the late ’90s/early ’00s wave of nostalgia that seems to be currently sweeping over alternative culture. It happens with every generation. Look at the crazy kids who produced Back to the Future – they were obsessed with the era that happened thirty years prior too!

Gwen, in an interview with WSJ Magazine, said of the topic:

“What are the odds of anything? I was just on The Drew Barrymore Show. She was one of my favorite celebrities when I was a little girl, and now I was just on the show with her.”

“Anything can happen. I have no idea what’s going to happen with No Doubt. We haven’t really talked about doing anything, but it feels like everyone is, right? All the ’90s people — Blink-182 did an eight-month tour that sold out in like five minutes.”

Gwen is currently amping up to perform a series of solo shows in the UK next Summer, complemented by a couple of slots opening for P!nk – another singer of thirty years ago.