Watch Dave Grohl React To Autograph Hounds Who Sell His Merchandise


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was recently filmed by professional autograph hound GTV Reality, and Grohl was a very good sport, signing for everybody even knowing they intended to sell his autographed memorabilia. He seems to enjoy the autograph hounds more than his buddy Josh Homme, who had a confrontation with one a couple of years ago.

Grohl said, “I do this one, do I get the rest of the week off?”

GTV asked for tickets to a show.

“Wait a second, I’ve been signing all this shit, and you’ve never seen my band?”

GTV said, “Roseland.”

Grohl was very kind, even asking how he had been.

He later said, “I’ve got questions, you know that guy.”

GTV said, “I know all the autographers, that go for autographs.”

Grohl sarcastically quipped back, “That’s why I’ve got to do this shit every night? What the fuck!”

GTV asked for free tickets to a show again, and Grohl claimed he would get them.

Watch the video below. GTV Reality wrote, “Legendary Foo Fighter David Grohl takes care of us as always on GTV Reality. We are proud to deliver 100% authentic Dave Grohl autographs to fans worldwide for over 20+ years and Dave is always happy to support the cause!”