Steven Tyler Allegedly Stole Girlfriend From Surprising Man


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler allegedly stole a girlfriend from a surprising man, according to a summer vacation show replay episode. Steven Tyler was brutally rejected by a big name woman. recapped: Howard took a call from a guy who talked about how great that interview was and how well the two of them work together. Howard said he told Steven he makes his job easy.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Steven stole a girlfriend from him that he brought to one of his shows. Howard said of course he did. The guy said he was at a club and they were doing a private concert there. He said they wanted 18-23 year old girls at the show and it was up to him to bring the girls there. Howard cut him off and asked why he would do that. He said he knows better than to bring a girl to a show like that. He said he’d keep his wife away from Steven. Steven Tyler recently made a brutal Madonna revelation.

Howard had Robin start her news after playing her in with a song parody. Robin started her news with a story about their winter storm that they went through. Robin said it was called Jonah. Robin said some are calling it Snowzilla because of how much came down in such a short time. Robin said Manhattan got 26.8 inches. Robin said they had 30.5 at JFK airport. Robin said they had 31.3 in Staten Island. Robin said there were other places that got over 40 inches.

Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she did a Baba Booey with her Flat Ronnie on a news show. Howard said he thinks she got on TV on the news. Howard said she was trudging around in the snow with Flat Ronnie. Steven Tyler revealed recently what he did to Yoko Ono.