Eddie Vedder ‘Lashes Out’ After Devastating Attack


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has always been vocal about his feelings regarding gun control and politics, and after a white supremacist attacked and killed people in El Paso, Texas, Vedder felt the need to speak out at the Gun Sense Forum that took place at the Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Vedder was photographed with Bernie Sanders at the event.

PearlJamOnline reported, “Eddie Vedder and his family joined the meeting where he affirmed that the gun regulation is necessary. He also lashed out National Rifle Association, a well known organization that defends the purchase, possess and use of firearms.”

Pearl Jam fans are hoping to see a new album and tour in 2020, but Ten Club members recently discussed how they’d prefer an arena tour to a stadium tour. Eddie Vedder recently teased an emotional comeback song.

MayDay10 said, “Between needing to travel and costs associated with it (along with tickets now approaching $500 for 2 shows). Merch at these things becoming a no-fly zone. Then getting to the venue is kind of a slog. Crowded streets, lines to get in, etc. Then the venue itself being over-taxed. All to be much further away with tons of open air and a diminished experience. That, along with the whole thing hanging there at the complete mercy of weather. It isn’t really worth it (to me).”

Zod responded, “I agree with all those things. I was getting so accustomed to stadium shows (PJ or otherwise), then it was night and day difference between Safeco last August, and Foo Fighters at GM place in Vancouver. The arena felt smaller and more intimate than I recall (and I’ve seen a lot of shows there). Lineups seemed small and insignificant… it was amazing.

I completely agree that Arena’s are Better than Stadiums if only because every is smaller and more reasonable. On the flip side if PJ tours are going to continue to be small I think they have to play stadiums or it’s going to be tough getting tickets to anything.” Eddie Vedder made a big 2020 announcement a couple of weeks ago.