Dave Grohl Reacts To Kurt Cobain ‘Faking’ Performance


Dave Grohl discussing miming a Nirvana performance with Kurt Cobain in a new BBC Reel Stories interview. “It didn’t seem real,” he said. ​“When you’re young and your parents go away and you’re home alone, and you ​‘play house’, in a strange way it was us ​‘playing ​‘rock band’.”

He goes on to reveal that the band felt like they could take on the world, and that whenever a camera was put in their face, they’d ask, ​“How can we destroy this?” referencing to the classic miming during their Top Of The Pops performance and not playing the agreed song on the Jonathan Ross show.

Foo Fighters are partnering with Vans for the Foot the Bill initiative, “Jensen Guitar & Music Co. has always held a special place in my heart. Not only is it the shop me and my brothers learned how to play guitar in, but my brother Mike teaches there now. I have so many great memories of being in Jensen’s as a little kid…I’m so excited that Foo Fighters and Vans are lending a hand to help them get through a rough year.” – Chris Shiflett

Eman21701 commented on Reddit, “Already got a pair! I made the mistake of not buying the last collaboration they did with vans and I changed my mind and decided I wanted them and ended up paying almost double the price. Didn’t make the same mistake this time hopefully haha.”

Pinheadsombitch added, “The mrs missed out on the last round but she ordered a pair of these and love that they are supporting a small business! She even loved the design better than the last ones! Thanks and keep’em coming!”