Tool Reveal ‘Embarrassing’ Maynard James Keenan Photo


Tool have posted a ‘geeky’ photo of Maynard James Keenan.

Tool tweeted, “If you weren’t already rocking this geeky pimp vibe by the age of 10, then good luck catching up. Brother Maynard turns 57 tomorrow. Join us as we tune in to the @puscifer Money $hot PPV”

Wannabeletitburn posted on Reddit, “Can anyone explain why Pearl Jam and Nirvana, among other 90s bands, are now regularly featured on NYC classic rock radio but they never play Tool? I’m only really interested in insight regarding the corporate compensation structure and how to remedy the issue. 93.3 out of Philly plays the most Tool, maybe because they graced Philly with the No Quarter performances (jk).

Also, if someone knows a station that has Tool in regular rotation please lmk.”

Adeadmaninoshawa responded, “I think it’s largely because of their song lengths, but that’s really just my uninformed opinion. I know 97.7 Htz FM in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada plays Tool on the regular, but usually just Sober or Prison Sex. When FI first debuted they were playing a shortened version of the title track.”

Cybermyrmidon added, “The song lengths make it radio incompatible.”

Undertow521 responded, “There’s a couple radio stations in Maine that play full length Tool songs often, and have been spinning FI and Pneuma in their entirety. 105.1 WTOS – a rock station plays classics up through modern rock & 94.3 WCYY – alternative rock out of Portland.”