Dave Grohl Reacts To Nirvana Being Called Snobs


The rocker told the talk show host: “I heard ABBA was doing more music, there’s an ABBA comeback, and I flipped out,” Grohl said.

“Who doesn’t love ABBA?! Everybody loves ABBA!”

I remember with Nirvana, I always thought there was kind of an element of snobbery. Like they didn’t like this band, they didn’t like this band, but it turns out you like so many different kinds of music.

“I think it was actually in our bio. If you Black Sabbath and ABBA had a love baby, it would be Nirvana.”

The former Nirvana drummer also revealed that his new 23-minute instrumental, which he recorded for his forthcoming two-part documentary, ‘Play’, was completed by memory, as he doesn’t know how to read musical notes.

He said: “I don’t read music so I had to memorise this 23-minute long instrumental.

“It was really just to see if I could pull it off, if i could do those full takes without making any mistakes and actually memorise that much music.”

The project showcases the talent of the young people of the Join The Band music school in the San Fernando Valley, in a bid to encourage music education around the world.