New Tool Album U.S. Tour Dates Reportedly Leak


The new Tool album Fear Inoculum is set for release tomorrow, and DJ Nick Fury is reporting that the band are planning a North American tour later this year with Chicago and Pittsburgh among the cities that will be part of the tour. Maynard James Keenan took a hilarious shot at the new Tool album leak a few days ago.

DJ Nick Fury wrote, “BREAKING: Tool will be bringing their “Fear Inoculum” 2019 tour to the United Center in Chicago on Sunday November 3rd with support from Killing Joke. Expect a full tour announcement in the coming days. #Tool #Tooltour #Tool2019 #FearInoculum

More Tool North American Tour Dates Leak:
11/02/19 – Indianapolis, IN
11/08/19 – Pittsburgh, PA.”

Maynard James Keenan described Tool fighting in the studio yesterday. Astfgyl commented on Reddit, “Killing Joke are an absolutely class outfit with a rich variety of styles to be found throughout their discography. They sound like nobody but themselves and are well worth checking out. Also frontman Jaz Coleman is a brilliant vocalist.

Hard to know what to recommend from them as it is all so diverse but their biggest hit is Love Like Blood from the mid 80’s, they have had Dave Grohl drum on their second eponymous album (After previously filing a lawsuit vs Nirvana for shamelessly ripping off the riff for their song Eighties on Come As You Are), They have been namechecked by countless other bands and are massively influential and anybody here who does get to see them live will be very lucky to do so.

It is very easy to become lost in their discography and I would recommend for anybody who likes Rock/Post Punk/Metal/Other to hop on and try a few tunes out.”

When fans suggested Tool ID fans for their tickets at shows, another fan said bands should stop using them. Another fan chimed in saying Pearl Jam tried that once, and it didn’t work.

tendeuchen responded, “Me too, but it’s not that easy. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster/Live Nation has bought exclusive rights to sell tickets to pretty much all large venues that a band of Tool’s caliber are likely to play.

So it’s not the bands that need to stop using them. It’s the venues. But there’s no incentive for the venues to change, because it’s such a streamlined process now, and it would be a costly undertaking for them to set up their own payment processing and ticket distribution channels.” Maynard James Keenan reacted to a horrible Tool and Taylor Swift video surfacing over the weekend.