Dave Grohl Rejects A-List Star After Awful Proposal


Comedian and actor Jim Breuer was interviewed on SiriusXM to discuss a variety of metal and rock related topics. Here, Breuer discusses how Dave Grohl once discussed a bizarre request involving monitors and Billy Joel at a Foo Fighters show after he asked Breuer to sing an AC/DC song. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed Breuer’s comments.

Breuer: Now, with that said, he has a couple of Coors Lights, they are waiting to go on stage and he goes “hey man, you wanna come up and do Let There Be Rock with us? Tonight? Madison Square Garden, now.” I was hoping he said You Shook Me All Night Long but Let There Be Rock makes a lot more sense. I did this with Taylor [Hawkins] at a festival. He asked me! He said, “hey man, you want to come up with us and it’s the rest of the Foo Fighters, we do these cover songs.” I did it with them, we were in Houston, Texas. I got up in front of the crowd, but when Dave asked me I went, “oh many I don’t know if I’ll remember the lyrics. He said, “come on man, you know the lyrics!” He was tapping in front of me going ‘In the beginning, back in 1955!’

Host: Now, at that moment right there is that great just to watch a musical genius just doing that, just holding a beat?

Breuer: All I’m thinking about is “I’m not gonna remember the words…”

*The host laughs* 

Breuer: I’m not gonna remember the words no matter how much he tries, it’s not gonna happen.

Host: He doesn’t have the Billy Joel magic, and the monitors.

Breuer: *laughs* Well, yeah and I said “Yeah, in the white man has the stir in the play…” and he went “yeah we’ll do it another time.”, never mind. I was going, wait wait, wait! Now I wanna do it. Billy Joel, like, no. I go, “do you have monitors” and he looked at me like as if that was the craziest question I’ve ever asked in my life. Grohl goes “what do you mean monitors?” I say, “well when I sang with Billy Joel he had the song on the monitor”. Dave looked and me and went “When you sang it with Billy Joel?!” He’s so confused, he doesn’t know if I’m being pompous or not, I read so many things in his eyes.

Host: There’s just something about that statement. Like, bro we were having fun a minute ago, what are you doing?

Breuer: You just drop Billy Joel to me, what are you talking about?!

Host: You’re not a singer, what are you talking about! Dave’s probably thinking, I thought this was a goof, and you’re actually pretty good and that’s actually where the fun is but what are you talking about I’m Dave Grohl!

Breuer: You know how many people would lo- what is going on with you Breuer?

Host: Monitors and you sang with Billy Joel? Like is the water not right in the dressing room? What are you talking about? You didn’t even have all access like ten minutes ago and now you’re talking about monitors and what’s on your writer?

Breuer: Can I talk to the sound crew, you want a sound check, what are you doing here?! He goes “yeah, there are no monitors.”

Host: He’s looking at you like, “I don’t know if you knew but I’m a rock star.

Breuer: And I know all rock songs, by heart, ten times over. So, it was over.

Host: So you were the rock fan comedian who asked the rock star if I can have monitors to sing AC/DC…