Watch Dave Grohl Return After Illness Destroyed Voice, Is Singing Still Bad?


Foo Fighters returned to the stage on Saturday in Vancouver after being forced to postpone two concerts after a cold destroyed Dave Grohl’s voice during a recent performance in Seattle at Safeco Field. While Grohl struggled to sing at that show, and even joked in the postponement announcement that kissing Bono (who recently had singing trouble of his own) hurt his voice, he sounded great at his comeback show at Rogers Arena, performing a hit filled setlist with the Foos.

All My Life
Learn to Fly
The Pretender
The Sky Is a Neighborhood
Drum Solo
Sunday Rain
My Hero
These Days
Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper cover)
Another One Bites the Dust (Queen cover)
La Dee Da
Imagine / Jump
Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)
Under Pressure (Queen cover)
Monkey Wrench
Dirty Water
This Is a Call
Best of You

Times Like These

With news of Bono’s voice giving out at U2’s show last Saturday in Berlin forcing him to cancel the show early after “Beautiful Day,” Foo Fighters fans noted that Dave Grohl lost his voice at the Foos’ show as well Saturday at Safeco Field in Seattle due to a cold, but managed to finish the show. The Foos later postponed shows due to a cold hurting Grohl’s voice.

One fan tweeted in response to Bono ending U2’s show early, “Dave Grohl was losing his voice last night because of a cold so the whole stadium helped him sing the last hour or so of their set. Just sayin…”

Another fan tweeted, “Foo Fighters put on an awesome show last night. Thank you Dave Grohl for performing with a cold even as your voice was giving out.”

Watch video of “Best of You” and “Everlong” below.

Before “Everlong” Grohl said, “When it comes to getting a cold and losing your voice, it’s nothing compared to fucking breaking your leg and finishing a show. So I’m never going to cancel a fucking show because of this. If I can do it because of that, I’m not doing it because of this. So you want to sing one more with us?”