Dave Grohl Reveals First Purchase He Made After Nirvana Made Him Rich


Dave Grohl discussed buying a beach house in North Carolina after Nirvana became successful in a new Variety interview.

“When Nirvana became popular, the first thing I did is I bought a beach house in North Carolina and spent years up there, and I just ate pulled pork like f—ing crazy from the time I was 22 to about 25 years old,” Grohl said in between temperature checks. When he broke his leg on tour a few years ago and was holed up at home, he really dove into making it himself.

“I became totally obsessed [with the Big Green Egg smoker] — it was therapeutic because it’s not an automatically functioning piece of cooking equipment. You have to balance the vents to make sure that you get and hold temperature for a low and slow cook.

You’re just basically sitting and staring at these f—ing thermometers all day long. For me I couldn’t walk and so I would just sit there for nine or 12 hours at a time just like ‘ohmm,’ watching these temperature gauges — and I started getting good at it.”

While Dave Grohl is seen by millions of fans around the world as a rock god, on Saturday in Studio City, he was just a chef cooking BBQ in a parking lot.

Grohl handed out food for the Tennessee-based BBQ the Bearded Pig during the launch of the Valley Urban Market, which is a new weekly open-air food fair. It was co-founded by Jordyn Grohl, Grohl’s wife.

You can view several fan posted photos and videos from the Foo(d) Fair featuring Dave Grohl below!

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