Creed Guitarist Reacts To Haters Calling Alter Bridge ‘Altar Boys’


Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist discussed the early days of Alter Bridge in a new interview with Jamey Jasta (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar).

“When we started Alter Bridge [in 2004], it was Creed with the new singer. Everybody said ‘Creed Part 2.’ When we came out with Alter Bridge, it was the ‘Altar Boys.’ And they’d spell it differently, like ‘Altar,’ like church altar.

“But, I’m glad that all that happened. It made us stronger. We got through the first record, we tried to make the second record as different as possible.

“We added Myles on guitar, we started to get some credibility then, a bigger fan base. By the time we hit the third record [2010’s ‘AB III’], nobody brought the Creed stuff up anymore. Everybody knew that this was a different band.

“The fans we’ve earned in the States are never going away. I had a career of always thinking, ‘It could end tomorrow. This next single is gonna predict where I’m gonna be in my future.’ And that happened until ‘AB III.’

“Once we’ve hit ‘AB III,’ I could finally rest and say, ‘I can do this as long as I want. This fan base is gonna be here. As long as we put out good music, we can do this until we’re 70 years old.’

“Because our fan base is loyal. And we’ve earned it over the last, I don’t know, 20 years to get it. So it’s a good feeling.”