Dave Grohl Reveals Foo Fighters Song That Sounds Like Justin Bieber


Dave Grohl revealed that Foo Fighters’ song “Run” has raggaeton beat like Justin Bieber in a new Billboard article.

Dave Grohl: I thought maybe the strangest thing we could do is go make a record like most bands do [in a commercial studio]. It’s exciting when you’re in a hive of activity where everybody is inspiring each other. That’s the first time that has happened since the fucking ’90s.

Dennis Blair, RCA senior vp promotion: Dave was sitting in my office explaining the record to me as Sgt. Pepper meets Slayer. Like, what? I couldn’t fathom it. When you listen, you totally get it, but that was a challenge for radio. They hadn’t heard that aggressiveness in a Foo Fighters song in a long time.

Grohl: I couldn’t even walk when I wrote “Run.” There’s some catharsis there, that I get to scream my brains out. I’m a huge fan of old-school thrash metal, so I was really excited, 22 years into being the Foo Fighters, to have a song that’s probably the heaviest thing we’ve ever recorded.

Nate Mendel: I knew that’s how a year-and-a-half of shows were going to open — with that riff. The funny thing about “Run” is, it’s got a reggaetón beat and we didn’t really realize it.

Grohl: I said, “What the fuck is a reggaetón beat?” And Greg played six songs on the radio right now by Justin Bieber and everyone else.