Pearl Jam New Album 2020 Release Date Revealed


Pearl Jam are rumored to release their new album in the spring to correspond with their March and April tour, and there will be an announcement of the new Pearl Jam album (that Eddie Vedder leaked) tour on January 13, 2020 (the public on sale date), according to a new Ten Club post.

Radial21 posted, “From a very reliable source I know who’s in the ticket industry in PA: No shows in Philly or Pitt for spring. Pitt was apparently contacted about dates but couldn’t make anything work. Hasn’t been ruled out yet for fall.

Public on sale date for spring will be 1/13. This would suggest an announcement in early Jan for 10c presale if I’m guessing right.”

RP112579 wrote about some backlash to how insider Dimitrispearljam is leaking 2020 North American tour information, “Honestly, I’m surprised it took so long for the ‘Dimi should post everything he knows’ post. It happens every time the rumors really start heating up. People talk about odds and booking hotels and other people freak out from the FOMO. Death, taxes, and bitching about Dimi not posting a tour list.”

Poncier shot back, “Yep. Amazing that he gets questioned every time. He could very easily say nothing (and to those asking why he doesn’t just post the full itinerary, its A. Things are subject to change until official and 2. He would likely lose out on his source(s) if he did), but chooses to help folks start the planning process, provide a little optimism and have a little fun. Yet always some who criticize.”

Gern Blansten said, “Just to clarify….I’m not ‘questioning’ Dimi. I have no reason to doubt his info. My point was just tell us the list rather than making it a scavenger hunt.

And yes things are subject to change. That’s why you could post a list and say “these are subject to change”.

And again…why would the source be ok with the same exact info being given out in a cryptic format vs a straightforward list?”

Dimitrispearljam responded, “Two things. First, Gern Blansten is a great legit guy and not a whining asshole. Second, I understand the logic, but for me, I’m not posting any list of dates, venues, cities etc…not a chance. Forget it.

If you can have some fun along with it all and at the same time get some legit info to plan and be happy that something is happening for real, and not I heard from a guy and someone told me. It’s all good. If not, wait for the 10 Club email. I can’t help more than that.

Let’s focus on the tour, that’s the important thing. What me or anyone else says or thinks means nothing. The only thing I don’t care or have time for is arguing and fighting on the internet.”