Dave Grohl Reveals Huge Led Zeppelin Reunion Offer


Dave Grohl revealed how he joined somewhat of a ‘Led Zeppelin movie’ when performing with a reunited Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones at a Foo Fighters show in a new EW interview.

“So I got on the phone with Jimmy Page and he basically said ‘Well what do you want to do?’ And I was terrified to answer. I felt like I was in a waking dream. but I had to say something, so I said ‘How about “Rock and Roll”?’ so he said ‘Yeah, what else?’ I said ‘How about “Ramble On”?’ he said, ‘Great, see you at rehearsals.’ I mean it was that easy, I couldn’t believe it.

You know it’s kind of a blur to be honest, I know it’s on f—in’ Palladia or whatever, but I remember the rehearsals the day before when we were soundchecking at the stadium. I was so nervous, and hungover actually [laughs] , and when they showed up I couldn’t believe that finally the moment I had been waiting for — to sit on a drum stool, look to my left and see Jimmy Page, look to my right and see John Paul Jones — was actually happening. Just being eight feet away from Jimmy Page as he played this classic song and shredded these classic leads is just so hard to explain. It’s almost as if I had fallen into a Led Zeppelin movie or something, it didn’t even feel real.”

Page recently wrote on social media, “On this day in 2004, I presented B.B. King with the Polar Music Prize. It was an honour to be invited to be a part of this, as B.B. King was a figure who inspired generations of musicians, from his contemporaries to the present day.

Also a recipient of the music prize that day was György Ligeti – the avant garde classical composer whose Lux Aeterna was featured in the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.⁣”