Watch Teens WTF Reaction Listening To Pearl Jam For First Time


A new video has been uploaded of teens listening to Pearl Jam for the first time. Watch below!

Pearl Jam Radio’s The Rob discussed Pearl Jam’s upcoming summer 2018 European tour in a new Huffington Post interview.

“There’s really nothing like it. I’ve been lucky enough to see Pearl Jam in Europe many times, starting in 1996. Then I went back in 2006. My first full European tour was 2010 when we started Pearl Jam Radio on That was monumental just to be able to travel around with people and interview people before shows. I got to do it again in 2012 and had such an amazing time. In 2014, I asked myself, “How could this possibly be better than 2012?” I don’t know how they do it, but to me, it just seems like every tour outdoes the one before it. They seem to get better and better. So for fans who have never been to any shows in Europe, it’s definitely a different experience; there is a lot more energy. There are people from all over the globe getting together at these shows. It’s just such a great thing.”

He also revealed how many times he’s seen Pearl Jam live.

“Currently 271. I had seen the Grateful Dead 264 times. Over the years, I have been doing my Pearl Jam count. For years, I’d tell Mike McCready, “I really hope I can get my Pearl Jam number higher than my Grateful Dead number.” He said, “Well, I think in a couple more years you’ll do it.” That happened last year. My 265th Pearl Jam show was at Third Man Records.”