Dave Grohl Reveals If He Will Run For President


Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters are liberal Democrats like most wealthy celebrities in the entertainment business, and the Foos performed at the inauguration of Joe Biden last week, leading to someone from BBC asking Dave Grohl if he will someday run for President.

The Foos played “Times Like These” for Biden. “This is a bit morbid, but whenever someone close to me has passed away, I’ve always found that you have to do everything in life once without them before you can move on. So you have to learn to live again, you have to learn to love again.”

“There’s optimism in the lyric and it seemed to make perfect sense because of everything our country has been through.”

As the child of a Republican speech-writer and a liberal public school teacher, Grohl believes there is still hope that America’s bitter political divisions can be healed.

“I was raised somewhere in the middle and I realised that these things can co-exist somehow,” he says. “It’s never easy. But there has to be some sort of co-operation or understanding or collaboration to keep the wheels from falling off – and that was the way I grew up.”

Grohl was then asked if he would run for office someday.

“Absolutely not!” he laughs. “It’s hard enough to be the singer of the Foo Fighters, I can’t imagine being the effing president.”

Foo Fighters will release their new album Medicine at Midnight next month.