Dave Grohl Reveals Major Foo Fighters 2017 Plans, Trashes Trump Voters


While many musicians rip President Trump and Republican politicians themselves, Dave Grohl introduced “Wheels” at Foo Fighters’ UK show on Friday by saying, “This song we don’t do at home because if you haven’t noticed, pretty much half of America is a little fucked right now.” He then pointed to his head, insinuating that they’re fucked in the head (via NME).

Dave Grohl shared the following note on Foo Fighters’ Twitter account.


Just wanted to write and say THANK YOU to all involved tonight because I’m still buzzing from our first gig in 1 year, 3 months, and ten days. (but who’s counting)

Shaking off the dust for the sweet people of Frome was the best way to dive into another year…and many more surprises…

Stay tuned.