Chris Cornell Alleged Drug Dealer Finally Revealed


Legal documents from a case involving late Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell‘s bandmate Tim Commerford and a man who allegedly gave Cornell drugs have surfaced from the mid-2000’s, with the man accusing Commerford of assaulting him. Chris Cornell was interviewed as part of the case, and he discussed his late 90’s and early 2000’s drug addiction. Chris’ widow Vicky Cornell is suing his doctor for allegedly overprescribing him the drug Ativan.

Chris said, “I think the second time that he gave me drugs was the last, was the last date of a tour, which from that point on I wasn’t traveling for a number of years.”

Cornell clarified that it was a solo tour, and not the final 1997 Soundgarden tour prior to the band’s breakup.

He also discussed how much Oxycontin he was given at a time.

“Well, at the most, maybe 20 80-milligram pills plus several 20 milligrams, several 5 milligrams. At the least, maybe one 80-milligram pill.”

He claimed he got Oxycontin from the man ‘Maybe, you know, over 100 [times].’

He was asked why the man had a prescription.

“I was told for back problems.”

He was also asked if he saw evidence of the man being in pain.

Cornell responded, “Yes.”

He added, “He just said he was in pain.”

Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky filed a lawsuit last year, with her children Christopher and Toni also named as plaintiffs, against Dr. Robert Koblin. Vicky Cornell alleges that Koblin irresponsibly prescribed Ativan to Chris, and that it contributed to his death. Vicky made her first public comments at the time about the lawsuit in Twitter conversations with fans, and she revealed her true goal on reforming the medical industry through the lawsuit.

A fan named Suzan tweeted Vicky, “I just wanted to tell you I’m so proud of you. Never give up. Make it where that Dr can’t do this to another family. Sending all my prayers, hugs and well wishes to you and your family.”

Vicky responded, “I’m going to continue until rules and laws change all doctors are accountable and I will not stop until addiction is mandatory curriculum in all medical schools . #loudlove #NeverGiveUp ?”

A fan named Veronica tweeted Vicky, “Vicki I just noticed the law suit. I am a Registered Nurse. There is no reason a cardiologist should prescribe Ambien.”

“I put Ambien I meant Ativan. My hands are shaking so bad. Sue that crooked doctor I love you, you are handling this with grace and your kids you are just doing everything right!! Loud Love Vicki. Chris passed and you were his woman!”

Vicky responded, “Thank you for love and support. No one should have to lose a loved one like this . My children want their father and I want my husband back . It’s time for change – we have lost too many ….#loudlove”

A fan named Mark tweeted Vicky, “Seriously… @vickycornell has been nothing but an extension of the light that her husband shared with this world and we’re lucky to have her willingness to share his legacy with us. Thank you, Vicky. Ignore the bullshit. We love you. ??”

Vicky responded, “Thank you and I expect nothing from any of you. I’m grateful you are all here for me and my children and you lift us but the biggest gift you give us is your love for Chris. Thank you because nothing lifts us more than that!”