Dave Grohl Reveals When He Thinks ‘Kurt Cobain Is Alive’


Dave Grohl recently discussed having dreams that late Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain is still alive.

Grohl told Independent, “They [the dreams] always give me this initial burst of happiness and joy, because Kurt is always in them. It’s like, ‘Oh! he’s still alive!’ There’s never any explanation for that. Just that lovely feeling.

“Then it all goes wrong when we go on stage. There’s no one in the audience and my drum sticks stretch to the size of telephone poles.

“I honestly believe there is some energy or interconnectivity that makes those encounters more than just dreams. I’m not a psychic or anything like that. But I do believe there’s an energy to those dreams that makes them more than hallucinations.”

He later discussed how he processed Kurt’s death, and how he needed to return to music.

“It was just something to look forward to. I’m a hopeful person and I need a reason to get up and get excited each morning. I had no idea that would turn into a quarter of a century of a career…

“But for the past 25 years, I’ve been locked into this same cycle. We record a record, we go round the planet three fucking times with it and say we’re never doing that again. We’re exhausted. We never want to see an instrument again.

“Two weeks later, I’m on the couch writing another record. That’s been my life for decades. Having it stop has been… hard.”

OdobenusIII recently discussed Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain’s relationship towards the end of Kurt’s life on the Nirvana Reddit, “Krist tried to take Kurt away from ‘everything,’ he told about the intervention cause he knew how Kurt would act and he acted just how Krist knew he would. Then Krist tried to persuade Kurt to go on a trip with him and had cars back seat full of instruments. Kurt got in the car but wanted to buy food, but Krist noticed Kurt was trying to score drugs and the ended up wrestling and Kurt it Krist in the face and fleed.

That is what we know, there are some stuff we only have hints. Like Dave and Krist have said that there were some really troubling stuff happening behind the scenes and they have kinda assumed the band was over. There is unsent letter from Kurt to Krist in Cobain unseen that really gives the picture how messed up things were but that is what drugs do…