Dave Grohl Reveals Weezer “Island in the Sun” Video


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed that he made his very own personal music video for Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” for his daughter.

Grohl told CNTraveller, “There’s this Weezer song called ‘Island in the Sun.’ It’s this breezy, sweet pop tune, and one time all the family came down to Hawaii and I made a video of everyone with that as the soundtrack.

I happen to think it’s one of the finest videos ever made. Whenever I hear that song, it takes me back to my daughter, Harper, when she was two years old in a Hula skirt, and my kids down by the tide pools looking at sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Actually no, I’ve got a really good one. The number one of all time is Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas soundtrack. I remember discovering that record while I was on tour in Italy in 1988, driving along the coast. I recommend it to anybody who has a long car or train ride, because it will soothe your soul.'”

Foo Fighters recently confirmed when they’d release their new album. MasterWheezer recently pointed out on Reddit that Van Weezer’s release is becoming similar to the Black album last year.

“Both albums were announced long before they came out. Black was announced around White’ era. then in the next year, PD comes out. Even though I liked PD, it placed a bump in the hype for Black. PD was more pop and clean, and gave Weezer another bad rep. 2019 comes and Teal arrives unexpectedly. It surprisingly became a big hit and got the band radio play.

A month later, and after 3 years it was announced, Black arrives. Sadly it was too little too late. Also, Black was released too early considering it ended up getting lost in the Teal hype (i don’t blame the band/management for this cause nobody expected Teal to be big).

Now lets link this back to VW. TEOTG comes out and the whole fandom explodes. 8 months later, the second single comes out. The release of Hero was very odd cause in that 8 months duration, there was nothing offered. It felt too late or a second single. At the same time, its announced that VW is delayed due to Covid. This is understandable since most artists did this. Thankfully, the hype is still going strong because Hero ends up getting radio play.

Then BOTE arrives. VW is said to come in May 2021 and OK Human is hinted at releasing earlier. I think this is where VW’s situation gets similar to Black’s. both of these albums got their hype due to their selling points. Black was gonna be darker and VW was going to be all guitars. however they end up releasing a surprise album that are completely different (PD was pop, OK Human is gonna be like orchestral stuff). this misleads the narrative. The one aspect about VW though is that its a finished project and we know what type of album we’re gonna get.

Sure for us weezer fans its all good, but outsiders and people that not in our bubble are gonna be so confused. Idk i just had to express my thoughts. sorry if this is too long.”