Eddie Vedder Announces Pearl Jam Theater Shows


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder said he still wants to play the Apollo Theater in New York after the band’s scheduled 2020 performance was canceled, with 2021 expected to be when it could be rescheduled if the band’s current itinerary is anything to go by. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments on SiriusXM. Stern also recently detailed his 2021 solo album with big names.

“It was definitely a formidable show on the list just because of the history of the place, and our reverence for the history, and being invited to take that sacred stage. We had all talked about it. Honestly, I think it was we were going to get the tour going with all the new songs, because a lot of what we do is not planning ahead. There would have been a lot of thought that went into it, but I don’t think we were 1/10 of the way there.

In the end, it’s planned improvisation. All I know is we didn’t take the opportunity to play that stage, we did not take it lightly. Again, I hope that’s another we get to do. For me I think the band feels like we’ve got tickets to that show, we were excited and very grateful for the opportunity.

I also remember around that around that time we were trying to schedule a Howard Stern interview. I was excited about that as well. I remember those kind of things being together. You play the Apollo, get to have a few drinks, sleep it off the next day, and then talk to Howard the next day. I was ready. He’s a great interviewer.

“He loves music. I mean no matter who he talks to, and at this point, you just like the sound of his voice, you just fall in love with the guy. When he talks music, I really appreciate it. He did a great interview with Paul McCartney, and countless others obviously. I really appreciate him.”