Dave Grohl Reveals What He Told Guns N’ Roses When He Gave Axl Rose His Throne


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins discussed the rock and roll throne that Grohl used when he broke his leg in 2015 in a new Japanese interview.

Grohl said, “I couldn’t walk, that’s right. I can walk now, it’s all better.”

Hawkins added, “I was completely like, ‘We’re done.’ Because part of our show, part of the thing that makes us a great live band is Dave’s ability to connect with a large group of people. Part of that, with any great frontperson, is being able to move around.”

Grohl also discussed lending his throne to Axl Rose in April 2016 when the Guns N’ Roses frontman broke his foot, and how Duff McKagan was the one to call him.

“About three months later, Axl Rose the singer of Guns N’ Roses broke his foot, so the bass player of Guns N’ Roses, who is a friend of mine, called, and said: ‘Hey, can we borrow your throne? ‘ [I said], ‘Yeah, take it, yeah, go ahead. It’s great, it had a cupholder, so you can sit, you know.'”

Guns N’ Roses production manager Dale “Opie” Skjerset revealed in July 2016 that Rose gave the throne back to Grohl after his foot healed.

“It’s all good, foot’s doing well,” he added. “We did that whole run — six shows with Guns, and then we probably did seven shows with AC/DC with the chair. Now he’s fully mobile, moving around.”

As for the chair, however, some surgery might be required. “We gave him the chair back, yes, they got the chair back,” grinned Skjerset when asked whether it was returned. “In parts, but they got it.”