Dave Grohl Runs Away From Fans Wanting Autographs


Dave Grohl is known as one of the nicest and most personable names in rock – however, during a recent on-street appearance, talking to fans, several wanted the autograph of the beloved A-lister and Foo Fighters frontman. However, Grohl wanted to make things very clear from the beginning that the only signatures he signs nowadays are for charity.

After some fans tried again, offering some alleged anecdotal evidence of Grohl signing prior autographs and suggesting that he could personalize the autograph, Grohl seemingly had enough of the entire ordeal and, in Dave Grohl fashion, did a ninja run back to his limo to conclude his night and get back to being Dave Grohl.

On the YouTube video – which can be viewed below, one user summed up the entire video by stating the following:

“Dave seems like a nice guy. You can’t fault him for realizing that his signature was a commodity that he could use for good and help people. The easier his signature is to obtain the less value it has. I imagine if it was a young child asking he wouldn’t have given it a second thought but instead he had pushy adults that acted like young children. I don’t blame him. Dave was like….”ninja vanish”.”

The Foo Fighters have a seemingly extremely busy 2022 as they not only will be touring throughout the year but will be headlining many major music festivals both domestically in the United States of America and internationally – this includes The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Boston Calling, Lollapalooza throughout South America, and more.

Another commenter – Maharaji Be noted: “When we set a boundary, as Dave did here, we are teaching them how we desire to be loved. And you can rest assured that begging and winning is not the way you love somebody or respect their boundaries.”