Pearl Jam Reveal ‘Imminent’ 2022 North American Tour


Pearl Jam has been a bit in the dark lately and many fans have been wondering about shows that are to be had this year. Many fans were unhappy lately with having to learn about tour dates from the band anywhere other than social media. Pearl Jam has seemingly been keeping it strictly old school when it comes to how they communicate with their fans. It looks like those who are on the official email list are the first to know anything about what’s going on with the band as we are about to see. This Pearl Jam film idea was recently revealed.

In a recent email to a 10 Club fan, it was stated that Pearl Jam would be making up some tour dates that were originally not going as the band and those involved had planned. The email went on to say that the band would be making these dates up to and to be sure to be on the lookout for these upcoming dates. The email clarified that this was an exclusive message for members of the club only. That is, until now.

The email stated: “Hey, (redacted)! Thank you for being a 10 club member over the years. You may not be aware of this, but your membership has lapsed. We are reaching out to you now as the previously postponed shows in North America will be announced in the coming days. We want to make sure you’re geared up for the exciting year ahead in case you wanted to renew your membership.”

There is no exact word on these dates just yet, but it looks to be coming soon and we will continue to look after this situation as many fans want to know what’s going on with those tour dates that they have been waiting for over a few months.