Dave Grohl Stunning Them Crooked Vultures Rumor Leaks


Fans on the Queens of the Stone Age Reddit are claiming that Jesse Hughes hinted at a new Them Crooked Vultures album on a recent Instagram live stream, though he apparently ‘neither confirmed nor denied it.’ Fans claim he also hinted at a Theme Crooked Vultures comeback a couple of months ago, though Josh Homme has just announced a new Desert Sessions on Instagram, so it may be that. Homme, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones released the lone Them Crooked Vultures album a decade ago in 2009.

Josh Homme posted on Instagram about Desert Sessions, “The split second before they asked each other “why the long face?” At the exact, Same, Time. Only then did the new friends realize, they owed each other a coke. You know, this is one of those moments that really makes you stop & think: I wonder if anyone’s been recording in the desert? I dunno. I just, Don’t, Know. #newfriends #desert #longface #tinyhorsebirdbuddies #sessions #fastfriends #11 #saddleup #longtimeago #& #oppositesattract #strangesupplier #12 #movetogether #horsinaround #qotsa #queensofthestoneage #tightwads&nitwits&critics&heels #mansionsofmirror #answerthephone #crucifire #horseplay #birdbrain #makesyouwonder #stonersheaverocks.”

noodlesfordaddy posted on Reddit about Them Crooked Vultures rumors:

People said Jesse said this months ago too and nothing came of it.

Flinkle posted:

JPJ was spotted in Burbank some months ago. I suspected it might be happening then. So…it may be really legit. Fingers crossed!

TheRecordNinja posted:

Alain was also working on a secret project around the same time as the aforementioned boots interview and he flat out denied a tcv reunion when asked on IG…but that was then.

Sourcherry21 posted:

I can verify this is true. Josh told a friend of mine last July after the razzmatazz gig in Barcelona