Eddie Vedder Throwing Fans Signed Baseballs From Bar Roof Is Incredible


Before a Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals playoff game today (that is currently being delayed by rain), Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder threw guitar picks to fans from the top of Murphy’s Bar. A fan also threw him a baseball, and Vedder signed it and threw it back. Vedder was pre-partying along with Chris Chelios, Brett Hull and about a half-dozen other friends, playing bags.

Parker Judd caught a ball during Nationals batting practice and was standing in the concourse behind the bleachers overlooking the corner of Waveland and Sheffield when he noticed Vedder on the roof.

“I see Eddie on top of Murphy’s playing bags, and so I yelled ‘Hey Eddie,’” Judd told the Chicago Tribune. “He looked over at me and I held the ball up and pointed to it, and he goes ‘Yeah.’ I threw the ball over, he catches it and goes inside and grabs a marker, signs it and throws it back over.

“How (bleeping) cool is that? Good dude.”

Matt Gustin said, ““Eddie was doing his best to fling his guitar picks, and didn’t make it,” Weber said. “I had to race my buddy down. It landed outside on the sidewalk, and I asked someone ‘Please, I dropped something.’ So she picked it up and handed it to me.”

See video and photos below.

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