Dave Grohl Surprising New Haircut Revealed


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently appeared at Pollstar Live, and fans pointed out that he got a great new haircut! You can view photos below.

Grohl appeared to criticize Variety’s transcription of his comments about Billie Ellish at a Pollstar live conversation, saying it was a paraphrase that missed the point rather than a direct quote.

He tweeted, “For a variety of reasons, and out of respect for Billie Elish, I’d like to share the transcript of what I actually said at the Pollstar Convention the other day, rather than some lazy paraphrasing that completely misses the point…ahem…”

Variety reported that Grohl said: “My daughters are obsessed with Billie Eilish. The same thing is happening with her that happened with Nirvana in 1991. “People say, ‘Is rock dead?’ When I look at someone like Billie Eilish, rock ‘n’ roll is not close to dead!”

Discussing Nirvana’s early days, Dave said: “We practiced every day in this barn thing in Tacoma. We wrote a lot. There was major label interest and I just wanted to not sell equipment for food. We wanted to be Sonic Youth – play to 500 people a night.” Discussing Kurt Cobain’s death, the musician said: “After he died I didn’t want to play music again. The whole world turned upside down for me. It was bad.”

During the rest of the conversation, Dave also talked about Foo Fighters’ longevity, saying: “The first 20 years of our band, I thought, ‘Let’s make another record and call it a day. Get one more in there.’ Now we can’t break up. Imagine grandparents getting a divorce. I’m sure it happens, but you’d be like, ‘Why?'”