Red Hot Chili Peppers Debut John Frusciante Classic


Red Hot Chili Peppers played at Rock in Rio a few days ago, and the concert featured the live debut of “Sikamikanico” for guitarist Josh Klinghoffer’s birthday. The song is an underrated classic from the John Frusciante era of the band. Anthony Kiedis was disrespected by a young woman in a video yesterday.

Anthony Kiedis said at the end of “Sikamikanico” at the show that the performance was a gift to Josh, “That was our gift to Josh Klinghoffer. [Thank you]. It’s his birthday, and when he was a fifteen year old boy, out in the San Fernando Valley, he got a hold of that song and that time he was a drummer, wasn’t really playing the guitar.

He was frickin’ killing the skins, one skin at a time, and he learned how to play that shit on the drums so now, what have we got, is it 25 years later? He’s rocking that shit on the guitar. Happy birthday, Josh!”

The song is from the Blood Sugar Sex Magik era, and was featured on the Wayne’s World soundtrack in 1992. On the Chili Peppers’ recent run, they also covered The Cars hit “Just What I Needed” in honor of Ric Ocasek, who died recently just a year after his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, as he was sadly found dead in his New York home by his wife. A disgusting Red Hot Chili Peppers and Brad Pitt secret was recently revealed.