Dave Grohl Turned Down Huge Nirvana 2019 Offer


Danny Goldberg revealed in a new Washington Post interview that Dave Grohl ignored an offer to participate in his new book ‘Serving the Servant’ alongside former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic.

Q: You talked to Courtney and Novoselic. But not Grohl.

A: I wanted to talk to him. I made a request to [John] Silva, his manager. I never got a response, so I didn’t drive myself crazy trying to get to Dave. . . . This is sort of my book, my version of Nirvana and Kurt during those years, and I was definitely much closer to Kurt than to Dave.

Q: It may be hard for people to understand just how quickly everything moved for Nirvana and for Kurt and Courtney.

A: They were a band that when they toured, they would have to sleep on people’s floors because they couldn’t afford the hotel rooms. They had no money, and they had the romance of being a young punk band that believed in what they were doing and they had a subculture that respected them. MTV was at its peak, and a month of heavy rotation on MTV made you famous to millions of people. So this became a global phenomenon incredibly quickly.

Danny Goldberg will release ‘Serving the Servant’ next week.