Dave Grohl Wants To Quit Foo Fighters After Tour


Dave Grohl discussed wanting to quit Foo Fighters after every tour in a new interview with AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson.

“It’s kind of a running joke with everyone in my life where I’ve been on the road for a year and a half, I come home from tour and say, ‘I’m never doing that again. That’s it. That’s the last time. Never ever again. I’m going to take two years off.’

And all my friends look at me and say, ‘Bullshit. There’s no way.’ And after a month and a half I’ve got a guitar in my lap and I’m writing songs and I call the guys and say, ‘Let’s make another record’. Every time.”

Foo Fighters have launched a search on their website for stories to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The band write, “This is a call! View and share your memories of the Foo Fighters’ 25 years old rock and roll.” Dave Grohl also just revealed the greatest drummer in the world.

Rodrigo wrote, “January 2008. My buddy and I are standing on the first row. I manage to get Pat’s attention and lock eyes with him. I gave him the same look he gives the kid at the end of the Big Me video and wagged my finger. He mimicked me and laughed out loud. Best concert of my life!

Every Foo Fighters album has had a significant place in the soundtrack of my life. From a geeky teen punk discovering music on his own to teaching my own kids about kick-ass rock. Hope you guys stick around for a long time!”

Jason said, “My daughter(15)/son(8) really wanted to see FF in Toronto. My son missed it as he was recovering from his 8th brain surgery(long story). He was sad to miss it and asked when was the next time they would be in Tor. My response was not for another couple years I assume.

Seeing the sadness in his eyes I went online and I bought tickets for Detroit in Oct. I took him out of school early to drive the 3+ hrs. He loved it. Thanks for helping with his recovery! Long Road to Ruin is his fav song.”