Dave Grohl Wife Looks Sad In New Photos


It was recently announced that the Foo Fighters would not be performing at this year’s Grammy Awards due to the death of the group’s drummer, Taylor HawkinsHawkins passed away at the age of fifty on March 25th, 2022 after being found unresponsive at his hotel room in Bogotá, Colombia. The Foo Fighters’ official social media accounts would announce the tragic news. It would be revealed later confirmed that the Foo Fighters would cancel all upcoming tour dates due to the death of Hawkins. Dave Grohl broke down after Hawkins’ death.

However, the band would be represented at a pre-Grammys event in Las Vegas on Friday as Dave Grohl’s wife Jordyn and their daughters Violet, 15, and Harper, 12, would be in attendance to honor music icon Joni Mitchell during MusiCares Person Of The Year event. During the event, Violet would take the stage to sing Mitchell’s classic 1974 hit ‘Help Me’.

In other news regarding the Foo Fighters, fans continue to pour their tributes in regards to Taylor Hawkins on the Foo Fighters subreddit. Mell1313 would post:

“I’ve loved this band for years. 57 years old and was going to see them for the first time this summer. I was crazy excited. I watched the Alanis special on HBO and this guy just oozed goofy charm and charisma. Then he sat down behind the drum kit and the Rock God emerged. Jaw-dropping talent”

The user would continue: “Heartbroken for his wife and kids. Heartbroken for Dave and the band. They weren’t just colleagues, they were family.”

While another user would say: “I still hold this to myself daily. he said that if you’re going upstairs or up a hill, you run. just pick up the pace a bit. get your heart rate up above 140bpm a day. I always remember this. I loved FF so so much from about 2016–2019 and then I dropped off a bit, but regardless of whether I was listening to their music or not, Taylor’s little message always goes through my head. I loved him, he inspired me. god. this hurts so much. I cannot imagine what people who knew him are going through”