Howard Stern Reveals Heartbreaking Foo Fighters Disrespect


Howard Stern sadly had to stop playing a Foo Fighters song on his show recently, which he said he dislikes doing, as it’s ‘stepping on someone’s art’ and disrespectful to the artist, and he loves the song. He also agree the the lyrical subject matter, that heartbreakingly the sky really is a neighborhood. Stern revealed a bold Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan secret recently on his show. recapped: After the break they played a Baba Booey song parody and Foo Fighters ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’ as they were coming back.

Howard came back and said this is a beautiful song. He said he hates to interrupt it with a commercial but that’s what’s going to happen. He said he hates to step on someone’s art. He said the song is right, the sky really is a neighborhood. He did a live commercial read a short time later.

Howard said what a feisty segment that was. Robin said she wasn’t able to stop laughing. Howard said it’s time for news. They played Robin into it with a song parody about her.

Howard Stern recently made a heartbreaking Nine Inch Nails revelation.

Robin started her news talking about how learning a language is something Howard missed. Robin said they’re now saying that a new Japanese innovation has made it possible to have an instant translator. Robin said it can translate 40 languages with a few finger taps. Robin said you don’t need to know another language to talk to people. Howard said soon he’ll be able to understand JD. He said that’s good news. Robin said it’s wonderful.

Robin read a story about a Grand Master chess champion who was caught cheating. Robin said he would go off to the bathroom and use his smart phone to cheat. Robin said an investigation has been started. She said that the guy claims he lost his mind during that game and that was likely his last game of chess.

Robin read a story about this bottle cap challenge that’s going on. Robin said you have to do a round house kick to take the cap off. Howard said he thinks he saw Kendall Jenner doing it. He said she did a good job with it. Robin said there are a lot of people doing it. She said some people are annoyed by it and some are getting into it. Robin said Mariah Carey ended the whole thing by getting into a stance like she was going to do this roundhouse kick and then she did this. Robin had a clip of her hitting a high note. Robin said the cap came off when she did that. Howard said Snoop Dogg was against that challenge. He said he has a clip somewhere. He said Snoop is very vocal on his feed. Howard played the clip and Snoop said it’s a dumb ass challenge. He said how about picking up a mother f**king phone and say ”shut the f**k up, bitch.” Howard said he’s with him on not liking that whole thing.